Friday, 1 August 2014

My new friend, Derek.

This is Derek. He's not the coolest of pigeons yet, but he was only born a few weeks ago. I used to watch his mum sitting on him. Of course he was just an egg then, and his dad used to keep guard and feed her while she sat on the nest but he’s disappeared now – typical.
    Now that he’s out and about Derek spends most of his time paddling about in the pools of condensation from the air-con unit under my car at work. He’s turning into a good looking young lad with a major Jimmy Durante beak thing going. He’s really going to charm the chicks when he gets older.
    We have long chats while I’m washing the car or having my lunch. Of course they’re pretty one-sided. He doesn’t really like sport and knows absolutely squat about the economy. He wouldn't know a GDP from a GD Peanut, but I like him. and despite his diminutive size he's pretty good at dodging the boss' Bentley as it hurtles out for his five hour alcohol based meetings.

     Every day his mum swoops down to feed him and then retires to a safe perch before staring down, presumably wondering if her little cherub is ever going to fly so she can go off and do whatever it is that birds do when they’re not being mums. I’ll miss him. Or maybe I won’t. I know it’s wrong of me but he’s becoming quite fond of Doritos and chipolatas and he does moan and whine when I don't give them to him.
    He’s been trying to fly for the last few days and I hope he manages it soon.

    Incidentally, I read another story today about the death, or at least waning in popularity of the Ereader. Has it not occurred to these doom-sayers that there are a finite amount of people who can buy them? It’s not as if we buy a new one for every ebook. In the same vein, if people didn’t buy a new car every time the petrol tank was empty, would that herald the death of motor cars?


  1. Derek is adorable! I’m so glad you are looking out for him, but you might end up having to teach him how to fly –
    I’m on chapter ten of ‘Spawn’ it’s every bit as good as I knew it would be!

  2. Thanks; I'll have a look at that, but first I'll stop feeding him junk and let his mum do it.
    Glad you're enjoying the book. Number three and last is going to be a real gore-fest with the first two just setting the scene.

    1. I put the kindle app on my tablet (much against my better judgement – Amazon will rule the world soon), but at least it will make downloading number 3 easy.
      I’m thoroughly enjoying number two. It’s fascinating to read your take on the government and what goes on inside number 10 – I’m enjoying that part almost as much as the monsters.

    2. Thank you. I've always had a healthily suspicious mind.
      I don't think Amazon will take over. There will always be a place for bookshops. You can't feel and smell a book on amazon before you buy and that, for me, has always been one of the best parts.

  3. Stanley may think your the dad. I think he'll stick around for awhile. You've got him hooked on Doritos.

  4. I'll have to wean him off them slowly; and myself. They're not good for either of us. I don't really fancy worms. I did that once on a survival exercise in the Marines - not nice.