Monday, 25 August 2014

Chet's first encounter with Mrs Weintraub in Old Geezers 2

In harmony with Chet's terror, this is the woman who loathes Chet with a vengeance.

‘Where is Abraham?’ She asked coldly, swaying to a halt before the table they occupied, a clear ten feet from any other inhabitant. Neither was certain but both harboured the fear that she knew, or at least suspected what had happened to them just weeks previously. If she had any concrete proof there would be hell to pay.
‘Haven’t seen him, Mrs Weintraub.’ Amon croaked.
‘You’d better not be conspiring again.’ Vengeful contempt dripped from her every pore.
‘Us?’ Chet feigned innocence, which for a change was entirely true. ‘I expect he’s in his room playing with, his computer as usual.’
Glowering, she turned away, probably regretting her own house rules forbidding females of any description from entering male quarters. ‘I’ll be watching you.’ Her words left them in no doubt as to her desire in the matter of their suitably awful and clearly overdue fate.
‘Great breakfast today, Mrs Weintraub.’ Chet’s face was a picture of artlessness as she span to catch the slightest sign of a smirk. However, even though Chet was a loud mouthed bully when he could get away with, he was no fool. Defeated, she swept from the room, the temperature almost magically raising the instant the door oozed shut behind her.
‘She’s going to get us one day.’ Amon said simply. ‘Then she’s going to rip us apart with those ham arms of hers.’ His eyes glazed as he pictured the awful scene.


  1. Love it. I don't know. I think Chet can be pretty sneaky. Of course, she is rather intimidating.

  2. I have a lot of fun with her, and in Geezers 3 she really gets her own back.