Friday, 29 August 2014

Harley's back!!

About twelve hours after my daughter began knocking on doors and plastering photos to telegraph poles she received a call, and today we retrieved a rather abbreviated form of her cat.
     Apparently he’d been stuck in one our neighbours’ many garden sheds for nearly a week. How he could possibly have survived was solved by the remnants of a pigeon which had foolishly fluttered in through a tiny skylight far above his head.
     Now he’s sleeping and eating, sometimes at the same time. The vet’s given him a clear-ish bill of health but said he’s to be given as much food as he wants. And he’s going to need it – he weighs about half a pound.
     I’m glad he’s back for as much as he irritates me the house wasn’t the same without him. Naturally, Sassy, our big, old and nasty cat resents having to share again but she’ll get over it. Or at least I hope she does. One swipe from her big meaty paw would finish off the little mite at the moment.


  1. He's a bag of bones at the moment but I'm glad he's back.

  2. That is such good news! I'm really pleased to see him home and (almost) in one piece.

  3. Thanks. Me, too. He's already eaten more than I could get through in a week, and wants to go out again. But I don't think so, at least until he weighs more than a thimble.

  4. Losing a pet is always worrisome... even an annoying one.

  5. Thanks goodness we got him back. I've only just discovered that if our council had found him, and not us, within one week, they'd have put him down. Clearly I won't be revealing this to my daughter who's already threatened to keep him indoors til the day he dies.