Monday, 18 August 2014

It's doing my head in

I've been trying - to stop that is. And I've finally managed it because I'm getting bored with water and mountains.

    When I built this computer a few years ago it was the ultimate, but just like me it's old and slow and the second image took almost twenty minutes to render, and at my time of life I can't wait for the machine to struggle over each individual pixel. It makes watching paint dry seem exciting. So I've finally got this software out of my system.

And, amazingly, as bad as my painting is, I get a lot more satisfaction from it.


  1. I love these, but I favor the first. It's perfect for a fantasy story.

  2. I had fun doing them but I just know that I'd do nothing else, and probably buy the full version and then I wouldn't write again for weeks.

  3. These are both great. I love the first one though.

  4. Thanks. Despite my words I've done another half dozen. I've really caught the bug now but I've begun painting them with my beloved GIMP. I'm having a great time before my next edit of Geezers 2. That might be a little longer than I imagined, especially as I've just downloaded Terragen V3