Sunday, 28 September 2014

I really need to get out more.

It's been less than twenty four hours since I finished the latest edit of Geezers 2 and now I'm bored.
     Most people do normal stuff, or so I’m told. As did I until I discovered writing. I used to go out with my daughter, and it was fun. But now she’s an adult the very last thing she wants to do is be seen with her senile old dad. I don’t think I’m senile. I don’t think I’m senile. What was I saying?
     I even did stuff in the garden this morning. Planted a few things and plucked up a few more which I probably shouldn’t have; washed the motorbike, did some shopping. And that’s something else I’ve learnt: Don’t go to the supermarket on a Sunday morning. Every edible foodstuff on the shelf has a sell-by date ending fifteen minutes later – even the cans!
     So I did another Terragen picture hoping to relieve the boredom. I’ll get round to painting it over the next few days while I’m waiting my-self imposed week before beginning another edit of Geezers.

Who am I kidding?
Maybe I’ll get my daughter to look on Ebay and see if she can find me a life. 

I've just checked my hotmail account and have 2704 spam emails.
Even I'm not that bored. 


  1. Weird. I left a comment on here and it's not showing. I love the pic. You have a great imagination. Wish I could think of things like that. Like you, I'd much rather write than shop, especially on a Sunday.

  2. So would I but my family keep complaining about hunger and such petty details. They've no consideration.