Saturday, 27 September 2014

Indulging my natural generosity.

Number fifteen is done and Old Geezers 2 is almost ready. Or at least I hope it is. My wonderful beta reader has it now. At this time I always feel like a child at school, fearfully awaiting the verdict of my teacher for some late homework. Watching for the signs of incipient violence so that I could make my escape before the stick came down. Unlike the rest of the civilised world, when I was at school, teachers still (legally) beat us with sticks, canes, leather belts, tennis shoes or in fact anything they fancied, hence my avenue of escape sorted before handing said teacher my work.
    Hopefully Donna won’t do that – she’s far too nice - although the motorbike is fuelled and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.
    So now that I’m letting the scabs heal on my fingertips from all the typing, and my third keyboard this year, I have time to do some of the stuff my wife has been on at me to do. There’s just so much that I can’t decide. So it would be a pity to get them in the wrong order. I’ll begin slowly so as not to upset the natural order of things. There’s a weed growing between two concrete slabs in my front garden. I’ll excavate that and then show it to she who is not impressed.
    See, I can be relied upon to do the things she wants. And she’s always ranting on about how lazy I am. That will show her.


  1. lol, no need to worry. The book is fantastic. You have quite a style and I'm so enjoying these 3 old men.

  2. old Geezer! just sounds so London to me. I'll load it later today on my kindle, and look forward to reading well. agman

  3. I hope you enjoy it. I was going to call it Old Gits but the word doesn't really mean anything in the US, which is quite pertinent as the story begins in New Los Angeles.