Sunday, 21 September 2014

Plugging onwards.

I’ve almost finished another edit of Geezers 2. It would have gone a lot faster had my company not disabled the USB sockets in all its laptops. And removed the solitaire games – fascists! So I’ve had to do it all at home, not an easy prospect with unreasonable wives wanting me to do stuff around the house and a daughter begging me to polish her horse or whatever one is supposed to do because it rolled in a mountain of muck following it’s bath, just like the aggravating little sod does every single time. And who needs an unblocked sink in the kitchen. We’ve done without it for weeks. Some people are just never satisfied.
      I may have misunderstood the concept of editing. Even though, every time I go through the book I delete everything monotonous, impractical or just plain boring, the wordage continues to grow. Hopefully my wonderful, fantastic (did I mention wonderful?) beta readers will point me in the right direction when they get it following the completion of this one.
      After two weeks I’ve given up trying to find any software to replace my own useless painting for the cover. I have a few weeks so I’ll just keep tweaking it and hopefully it will be alright on the night.

       And while we’re on the subject of Amazon, not that we were, ever since I withdrew my books from all other sites in favour of the mighty A, I’ve sold just seven kindles and one paperback. At least I’m selling but just a little underwhelmed by the numbers. So as soon as Geezers 2 is up and I’ve given away Geezers 1 free for a few days I’m going to withdraw from their lock-in options. I might not have sold many on Smashwords but at least my name was getting around -  and a free entry on Google.


  1. I’ve decided to stick with Amazon for a while but only so that I can put my own website details in with orders that come via them. Amazon expressly forbids it and I’ve always stuck to their rules, but sales are falling all the time, so what the heck.

    Now get back to polishing that horse and don’t forget to unblock the sink. You have been told!

  2. I have this very day begun. There's one fewer brown leaf on the rose bush. See, not all men are lazy good for nothings.
    As for Amazon, the only real sanction they possess is to remove you from their books. Not too great a punishment since they do nothing, as far as I can see, to promote our work in the first place.

  3. How many wives do you have? I would think that 1 would be enough.
    I think you do pretty good with sales. I've been stuck in a no sale zone for a while now. Love Old Geezers. Just glad those 3 don't live near me.