Friday, 3 April 2015

Absolutely the worst attempt ever.

We've all had presumably thousands of attempts to part us with our money, unless every scammer in the world is targeting just me. 

  But this one today is laughable. It's so ridiculous I just had to share it with you. By the time I got to the second word of the greeting I knew it was phony. All spelling  is as I received them.

Dear costumer,

     Υou haνe receiνed this email because our sγstem has noticed some susρicious actiνities with Αρρle ΙD.

Αll what γou need to κeeρ enjoγing all the benefits of γour id is to confirm γour identitγ , follow the linκ below to start this ρrocess .

Wondering why γou got this email?
Some massiνe failed login attemρts were been made from unκnoωn location that didnt match with γour usual one , as a result we decided to susρend γour account temρorarilγ in order to ρrotect it ."

You'd think they'd actually bother make a token attempt to learn English.
          Or the other frighting thought is that nobody at Apple can spell which is equally as worrying.

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  1. Way funny. I get emails like this too. Right now, our yearly tax reckoning is due by the 15th of April. People are getting calls from the 'IRS' employees demanding money right now or you'll be arrested. Funny thing is, they all have accents from the same country... They threaten to mail the warrant. There's a clue right there. Sadly, many people have fallen for this scam.