Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Finally got a tablet.

I know I should be used to this since I've been building computers since 1982  (the Oric was my first love, I believe) but about fifteen minutes after buying my last android tablet it was hopelessly obsolete.

    I bought a generic model from a TV shopping channel - I'll never make that mistake again, especially as it spectacularly croaked  a few weeks ago.

    My new one has a quad core CPU. No biggy there you might say, but my last one barely had a CPU at all. More like a CP EUUWW.

    Now I can get back to some serious writing when I'm supposed to be working, if I can just stop playing 3d Solitaire.

   And if I can just resist sitting on it, dropping tea all over it, leaving it on the roof of the car when I drive off or allowing the cat to use it as a toilet, it should last me at least a month before becoming a dinosaur like the last one.

    And while I'm on the subject of rubbish computers; why won't Chrome work for me? I tried to install it through four browsers (including the one I wrote myself) and finally managed to get it down properly. So why won't it work? I've looked at a million internet forums and the people are equally divided between: "It's absolutely the bestest browser ever written ", and "Why won't the *"£%^*)"$ thing work?"


  1. Um most of that is written in a foreign language, although I did appreciate the More like a CP EUUWW part.
    I’m using chrome but know absolutely zero, zilch, diddly squat about it. The very nice man installed it (is that the word) when he delivered my new pc.
    I loved the Roger the Dodger comment on my post. Brilliant!

  2. My daughter swears by Chrome - but then again she swears far too much.
    I had the previous version of Chrome which is no longer supported and I only used it because the swearing girl swore that it was great.
    Suffice to say that Roger the Dodger is not the only thing my wife calls me, and as for the youngest version member of my family (allegedly), her name for me is unprintable. I think it's time we had a little chat.

  3. Wished I could help you on that. But I'm a computer moron most of the time myself.

  4. I'm generally good with computers but apparently just a moron according to she who must be....etc

  5. I hate Chrome. I had it on my old phone and it never worked. It was awful. I'm a Safari girl. I never have trouble with it.

    1. Me, too. It's a little slow but always gets me what I want in the end.

  6. I love Chrome, I'm using it now, so you can guess which side I am on, however I have no idea why it won't work for you...
    Congrats on the new tablet.

    1. It still won't work for me so I hate it. And now that I have a tab I can buy yours and kay's new books.

  7. I'm on the hate chrome group. It worked ok, but had some severe problems for me.
    CP EUWWWWW - hahahahahaha love it.
    My first tablet was like yours. Bought it - a year later, it was outdated and the company refused to update any apps.
    Hope your new one works great for you.

  8. It's working well so far, but then again I've been half afraid to use it. Your new work downloaded well and I've been reading on aforementioned tab.