Saturday, 30 May 2015

Phase two of my worldwide (well, Pinner) advertising campaign.

After a week of advertising my wares to the huddled masses I can report my sales figures. They are fewer than I'd hoped but just as I'd expected. I sold a grand total of none.

    I shall not be thwarted. 

    I hate it when I'm thwarted.

    In case you were wondering, that's my pitiful little flyer at seven o'clock, below the singing lessons and next to the Zumba lessons. What's Zumba?

    Come to think of it, that blu-tack is more artistic than my book cover. Maybe time for a rethink. Blu-tack based horror? That gives me an idea.


  1. I once knew what zumba was. I don't remember though.

    1. I could easily look it up but that would just spoil the suspense.

  2. It's so tough to advertise unless you can afford the best PR. As for zumba, it's really big here, but no thank you.