Friday, 29 May 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Today I've been awarded the Versatile blogger Award, by Joleene Naylor whose gorgeous Amaranthine novels are free for today only.

    What the recipients of the award are to do is give seven fun facts about themselves and then in turn award it to others whom they believe to be just as deserving. So here are my fun facts, or in my case things that have happened due to my innate clumsiness.

    I've watched NCIS so often that I know every word of dialogue in every single episode.

    I once tossed a snowball at an enormous elk in Norway, only to discover that it was not nearly as enormous as its mother which uprooted four pine trees in her eagerness to tear out my lungs. Luckily I was on skis and scuttled off laughing, only to smash into a tree myself.

    It took me almost twenty years to realise that every single episode of Scooby Doo had exactly the same plotline.

    I  once lost Gladys (my Landrover) over the side of an aircraft carrier during a force twelve gale. Luckily I didn't get into trouble because my CO's helicopter was the culprit after it was torn from its shackles and rammed Gladys into the North Sea as it went over. Good thing, too since my clutch was burnt out and I was trying to find a way of blaming someone else.

    I was once caught in a traffic jam for three hours and finally became bored enough to tell a police officer that the missiles I was carrying on my truck would blow up if I didn't keep the air flow going over them. After a great deal of shouting he managed to move over three hundred cars out of my way. Good job he didn't check as they were only dummies.

    I'm very old now (according to my daughter) but I still love watching Thunderbirds, and I still fancy lady Penelope.

    I was once at a party in Beverley Hills and my boss's front garden was full of Limo's, After being ordered to move them by an irate policeman after they'd spilled out onto the road I told a man lounging about outside the house having a cigarette to pull his finger out and help me. An hour later my boss came out and wanted to know if I'd seen Cary Grant who'd come out for a smoke. I disappeared very quickly.

    My other recipients are DM Yates
                                        Simon Goodson
                                        Mark R Hunter
                                        Tricia Drammeh


  1. Wow ... those are some great stories!

  2. Holy cats! Cary Grant!?!?!?!?! :o

    1. I got in plenty big trouble for that, but oddly, not from him.

  3. Love your stories. They're fun. Thanks for nominating me.