Sunday, 11 October 2015

It's taken me six weeks to do what I'd normally do in one.

I got what I wanted, but as usual the job, and decent money has prevented me from writing except at weekends. I know you can't have everything but just once it would be nice.

    Last night I finished the first edit of Old Geezers 3, and even added another forty pages which I hope has improved the novel. When I've done it a third time I'll pass it on to my ever obliging beta reader.

   In the meantime, here's the current first page of Spawn of kongomato on it's third re-write. I hope it will be suitably gruesome as it the last in the series - probably.

   Here's the true test: the first page. If that doesn't grab the reader then I might as well begin all over again.

The famous gothic tower canted at an impossible angle, creaking mournfully in the unnaturally hushed air. Accidental assaults by remotely controlled drones aided by the acidic droppings of giant flying lizards were imposing untenable strain on the ancient foundations. Soon Big Ben, the enormous bell within, would toll one last time as it smashed to the ground and the forsaken Houses of Parliament below
    This would cause no undue concern. In fact it would provoke no reaction of any kind since all civilised life in London had long departed. Now all that lived beneath the tower were the lowest form of rodents feverishly hiding from the dominant form of life: enormous winged beasts prowling the sky with ceaseless energy and insatiable hunger.
    London and the Home Counties were deserted, a feat not even Hitler had managed to achieve. Eight million people had fled one of the busiest capitals of the world leaving it a mouldering, lethal swamp. Yet the eyes gazing jealously to the east were not interested in this incredible blight, nor even spared a glance for the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel cleverly constructed from taught steel fingers, woven tightly enough for the wheel to stand apparently unsupported and once thrilling vast numbers of tourists. Nor did they notice the rotting carcass of one such creature welded and spliced between the woven steel bands in the darkened city.
    These eyes feasted on a far more interesting and potentially lucrative prize. Fastened greedily upon the one place the rampaging creatures not invade. Despite their estimated number ranging from anywhere between five hundred and five thousand depending upon whom was asked, no creature could gain access to the most secure building in the country.

    I've touched up the cover yet again and hope it will be the last time. If I sell enough copies I might even be able to pay someone to do the next for me. 


  1. Thanks grabbee. I'm working hard on it and should get it/them all out by Christmas. You'll have to read it before you can tell me is another is possible or even viable.

  2. Great writing. You're such an amazing author.