Friday, 26 February 2016

Completely pointless conversation pt1

As previously mentioned, for the first time in twenty five years I decided not to build, but buy a computer. The machine I bought isn't bad but needs more RAM (temporary memory) to give it a little more byte - sorry. This job could be performed by a retarded mullet in about three minutes; and that includes taking off the back of the machine.

    I thus went to a closer branch of the shop than where I bought it, the largest  computer chain in England and proceeded to the tecky section - the part where all the alleged nerds work.

    "I bought a computer last week and it needs more RAM. Would I be correct in assuming that doing it myself would invalidate the warranty?"  I had to say this a second time to the young lady more interested in the rear end of  a male shopper than my mundane request.

    "Yeah, that would bugger the warranty." I didn't know that particular word was a nerdy phrase. I'll have to remember.

    "So if I bring it here will you do it?"



    "Cos' that'll bugger the warranty."

    "So can I send it back to ******, then?"

    '"You could."

    "Oh, good."

    "But they won't do it because it'll bugger the warranty."  Becoming a teensy bit narked now I asked as politely as I could what I should do.

    "Well, you could take it to an authorised computer repair shop."

    "But I've been doing it myself for twenty five years."

    "Yeah, but they're authorised."  I was past a teensy bit annoyed now and approaching pi**** off.

   "So will that be alright then, if I take it to a properly authorised repair shop?" I asked happily.

    "No. that will bugger the warranty.'

    More to follow when I've stopped biting the keyboard.


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