Sunday, 21 February 2016

I was going to learn how to paint.

Easier said than done.

  It was like when I tried to learn the guitar. After a few years I could copy just about anyone. The only problem was, I was completely incapable of just playing anything spontaneous and jamming like my friends.

   So it seems that I've finally come to terms with it and from now on, I'll just get someone else to paint my book covers and enjoy dabbing on the screen just for fun.

  Back to plan B for the next eleven months.

    Onwards to the computer game I've been planning for a decade but never had a computer powerful enough to play it even if I ever finished the coding. My new comp is powerful enough so there's no more excuses for dithering. I'd better go out and buy a handful of keyboards. I'm a bit rough with them. 


  1. Well, at least you sound happy. That's what matters. Enjoy your dabblibg.

  2. I am - sort of. My new computer isn't really powerful enough for the software I want. Some dabbling with the computer I think.

  3. I'm pretty rough on keyboards too. I think it's a writer thing. I would never be brave enough to build my own, and I'm too trusting of salespeople and tend to fall for the pretty colors. That's why my husband will not allow me to pick my own. Sigh. Even if I wanted the pretty neon blue one.