Sunday, 27 March 2016

There's just no gratitude.

I thought I'd give the sproglet a day off and muck out the horses today. I mean I actually left an NCIS day to go and look after the nags for her, and what did I get: "Oh thanks, rog? No, nothing so boring.

And the large one barfed on my jacket. I'd like to meet the person who said horses can't be sick and do something unpleasant to him.

Next time she can do it herself.


  1. Have you never heard of horse etiquette? Throwing up on you is akin to saying, “thanks Rog”

  2. Oh, in that case I might as well reciprocate the next time I see it. Thanks for the tip. I'm off to make some curry.

  3. So this is why I don't have horses....other than they're smarter than I am or maybe sense my stupidity when it comes to them.

  4. Everyone's cleverer than me, but I don't let it bother me anymore. I've even threatened them with the dog food factory but they just laugh in my face.