Saturday, 23 April 2016

No more dams.

I'm going off scenery so here's something I began a few years ago when I first began painting and have now touched up a little.

    It was one of my first paintings and there's no cloning - mainly because I'd never heard of the cloning tool; and just to maintain continuity, my alleged daughter assures me that it's complete rubbish, especially my bananas of which I was especially proud.
    So, surrounded by such heart-warming assurances I've begun the fourth and final episode of my monster trilogy.
    Poor old New York. I loved that place, but as I've already destroyed most of England it seemed like a natural progression.
    Of course the ship hasn't arrived yet so if you'd like New York spared, let me know where you want my super evolved monsters to ravage.


  1. Fruit in a baggie. Love it!

  2. It was meant to be a glass tray. I'll have to work on my glass.

  3. Looks like a glass tray to me. Nice, very nice. And do get on with your monster book. I'm thoroughly enjoying your last one and almost done with it.

  4. Thank you, but I'm going to reshape it into a bowl.
    any preferences as to where in the US I should trash?