Saturday, 23 July 2016

I did it - for the last time ever.

I couldn't find an image revolting enough on Google or Bing so I'll settle with this one I drew myself.
    The horses are moved - again. I absolutely swear that I will not do it again. I'll happily pay for them to go to the knackers yard but never again will I spend 10 hours shovelling .... well you can guess what before scouring and heaving several dozen enormous rubber mats each weighing approximately sixty pounds onto a truck and returning to scrub the thick film of sludge on the floor beneath from an auto water dispenser. Auto in that it directed it automatically in the opposite direction of the water hopper. Only to do the same thing at the other end while daughter gaily directs operations in between playing that stupid Pokemon game as if it's the most important thing in the universe.. 
    I'm no longer twenty one and never did I feel it so much as yesterday. If that meteorite that's supposed to hit us in 2031- ish comes early I'll run over and stand directly under the impact site rather than go near those horses ever again.
    Today I'm going to see if I can return my trainers to the approximate colour they were before about twenty gallons of horse juice spilt all over me and chuck away the jeans I was wearing yesterday, and the t-shirt, and the hat, and the...
   Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a secondary note, I've dropped the price of all my novels by one dollar after heeding the advice of another writer and increasing them by one dollar a few months ago. The result - a total lack of sales.
    I'll actually begin the process of promoting them any day now; just as soon as I've got my trainers clean. On second thoughts, make that a week or two; it doesn't really need a lot of horse waste to completely trash a pair of white trainers.


  1. My wife assures me that she laughing with me and not at me. I'm not convinced.