Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I hate to say it but I was wrong

For months I've been droning on, and on and on about the merits of TextMaker, my cheap and cheerful alternative to Word. And it is good. I've written three novels with it and although the relative merits of my mad scribbling may be open to debate, the software itself was fine.
    I've been debating whether to put my 2nd, 3rd and unfinished kongomato novels into paperback via CreateSpace, and we all know how problematical that can be - or maybe just me the world renowned dunce. My problem was not being able to put page numbers up. Putting them on the page was easy enough but not putting them on the two opening pages (the sure sign of a novice).
    Therefore I downloaded Kingsoft writer  for free, and to my amazement the instructions were written slowly, in nice big letters and clearly with me in mind, and I completed the task in nary and hour - ish.
    So for all of you who either can't afford, who like me hate Word then I would heartily recommend kingsoft.
    And lest you were wondering, no I don't work for them; I'm just someone who's finally found something my antediluvian brain can decipher.
    I have now finished formatting Spawn of Kongomato for print. All I have to do is wait and see if they'll accept it. If so I'll do the third: Progeny of Kongomato, tomorrow.

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