Saturday, 20 May 2017

From the hooves of death

We finally got my daughter home on Monday night. She's very sore and very stiff but alive and healing. Apart from being moved three different times in the hospital I have nothing but praise as usual for the National Health Service despite what they had and still have to contend with, ie, no money and mad hackers. It means that my weekends for a few weeks will be spent with the very horse that tried to do her in. I'll be nice, well as nice as I can to the nag who's always hated me. In fact always hated everyone, but I prefer to believe that's the result of the dreadful way she was treated by her former owner.

    I finally cleaned up the mess from that extended Windows update. However they finally got rid of that maddening shut-down bug. It was worth it if only for that. When I get back from the stables, and providing the horse hasn't tried to trample me, I can finally get down to some writing. It's all getting a bit intense now and I'm still trying to stick to plan A, which is to say the plot I originally envisaged. It gets harder the deeper I get into the book. 
    I miss my old style of writing but I don't envisage a spaceship chock full of irate aliens landing on the streets of England in this one so I'll have to stick with it and keep writing.


  1. Really pleased to read your daughter is on the mend but what a scary time you've all had.

  2. Spoke too soon. We had to go back to hospital as her headaches were just about killing her. Apparently she has an enormous bruise on her brain which will take some time to heal, as will the tiny fractures in the small bones around her ear. All in all not a happy day for my daughter and a terrifying one for my wife and I.