Tuesday, 16 May 2017

That ******* virus.

Unfortunately my family was a recipient of that awful computer virus that struck all of Europe and north America last weekend.
    Not me so much as my daughter. After riding a completely unsuitable horse my daughter was thrown. The helmet lasted as she hit a fence post head first but the chin strap snapped leaving her no protection as she hit the ground with the back of her head.
    Her fiance called the emergency services and a helicopter arrived within twenty minutes as it was in the middle of nowhere. 
    That's where the virus came in. For another half an hour the helicopter had to wait in the field as it had no idea where to go as most of the hospitals in London were in chaos, and more specifically the hospitals with major trauma centres and a landing pad. 
    Eventually they were able to go and now my daughter is healing, but we still don't know when she can come home because of the backlog caused  by the fight to clear the virus.
    I hope those hackers rot somewhere very hot.


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear that! I saw a segment on the news about the virus a couple of days ago :(

  2. She's home now. Very sore and very stiff but healing.