Sunday, 2 July 2017

I was warned but as usual I didn't listen.

Two months ago I bought a new(ish) scooter. I bought it on finance because after my daughter's horsey accident she hasn't been working and it's costing me about twenty thousand pounds per month to pay all her bills.
    It's a great scooter. And fast; really fast.

    Before I took it away I was warned that because it was so fast it was prone to be stolen. Apparently all the druggies like to take them because they know the police can't catch them.

    Nah, I said. Nah; it'll be alright. I've got a cable thick enough to secure a fuel tanker. And I was right, until last Thursday.

    Two lads with the worst invention available, cut through the cable with a portable angle grinder in about thirty seconds. A passing biker stopped their fun but ten minutes later returned only to find them smashing the steering lock. By that time a policeman had been called who very kindly wheeled it to a local police station.

    Great I thought, not stolen. I'd only have to buy a new ignition barrel. Today I find that they may have damaged the frame and if that's the case the insurance company will refuse to insure it anymore. And if that happens all the rest will probably follow suit unless I pay them a fortune. So I'll have a scooter I've only just begun to pay for which I won't be able to insure.

    Not a happy bunny tonight.


  1. It makes my blood boil when I read things like this, why do people think it’s ok to pinch what they want rather than work for it? We should bring back flogging – better yet catch the little b****** and make them work for a living!

  2. I'm afraid my retribution would be a little more extreme. I wouldn't even have the bike if it didn't require three tube journeys and a long walk to work.