Saturday, 30 September 2017

They let me go.

I don't think that Sky TV is big in the US what with the curvature of the earth and all, but over here it's big, but massive. So when I took the momentous decision to leave them last week I was prepared for all the trials and tribs so luridly described in the newspapers over here.

    'You want to do what...?' 

    Expecting to be hit with the Spanish Inquisition I was ready to do battle, especially after hanging onto the phone for over 90 minutes. I was equally prepared for the hordes of vexed people demanding to know why I should be doing such a stupid thing, and ultimately placing before me obstacles the like of which I had to trample in order to win my Green beret in the Royal Marines.

    So you might imagine my consternation when the man said "oh, but you've been with us for over fifteen years. Is there anything we can do to make you stay?"

    I had an answer or that one, too. "Not even if it were free."

    But I didn't even get the opportunity.

    'Well if you change your mind, just give us a call.'

    I can admit to relief that I was getting out of there but also a little disappointed that it was all so easy. I was equally prepared for a battle if he demanded my decoder box back, since their original one burnt out five years ago forcing me to buy another from them. But even there he surprised me.

    'Fine I'll just fill in the forms. And by the way did you know that once our signal's gone you can watch all the Freeview channels (112 at the moment) with the Sky box.'

    I'll believe that one the 21st of next month when the inordinately  expensive contract finally runs out. 


  1. The same thing happened to us! They were totally unconcerned, which was a shame because we were rather hoping they would offer us a greater discount in which case we would have stayed. We bought a freesat HD box which will be paid for with the savings from Sky over about 10 months.

  2. I already had Freeview in my TV and once my beloved learnt that she could still watch all her soaps, she was fine with it. £69 wasted pounds saved every months, but I suppose my daughter will find ways to waste it even more.