Saturday, 24 March 2018

Finally it's here.

Along with a suitably tawdry cover Sods Law is finally finished and on Amazon.

    It took umpteen edits but finally I believe it to be error free. Amazon picked up fifty speeling mistakes but thankfully they were just our version of English versus that spoken on the other side of the Atlantic. I did consider using American English as I did in my Old Geezers series. But they were set in America and the characters were American. Sods law is set in England so I decided to leave it be.

    It concerns Arnold Pratt's painful reinsertion to life. After twenty years of sitting and watching television, suddenly being pursued by three police forces, and the Security Service for crimes he didn't commit, the bodies begin to mount up. Pretty soon he's going to have to make a decision. That's if Petunia doesn't do for him first.

    Here's a couple of excerpts to whet, and hopefully not dampen, anyone's decision to have  look.

  ‘I hope you’re not going to leave this place in ruins.’
The voice came from behind and startled him. It seemed to be emanating from the considerable backside of his wife swaying from side to side as she cleaned the interior of the oven. He closed his eyes, and mind, to ancient emotions. It wasn’t that he didn’t love Doris, or that in her own way, she no longer cared for him, but such things were a dim and distant memory.
  ‘It’s me,’ he said making for the kettle.
  ‘It’s you I was talking to,’ said her gently rolling posterior. Speak about talking out of your —. He stopped himself mid-thought. She would know. She always seemed to know what he was thinking so it was better to leave such opinions deeply hidden before she caught him.

   The shock as a dazzlingly bright beam hit him squarely in the eyes caused him to flinch. Just that tiny movement caused him to fall backwards, scrabbling madly with his arms but only succeeding in dislodging himself and sliding down even further. As he came to a halt it was with a clang. A strange noise to hear down there. But it was indeed a clang. Slowly bracing his foot against something hard he turned, pointing the phone and it’s laser like beam towards what he’d hit. His immediate scream of terror prompted his fingers to let go for with a second yelp of terror he dropped the phone which landed on his foot and promptly went out. This was a mercy because Arnold had no desire to light it again. He’d just seen something from beyond his worst nightmare. And it was less than three feet away.


  1. Thank goodness. Now all I have to do is steele myself for the paperback version.