Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring had sprung, the grass is riz...

No it hasn't.

    I think Putin has become a little annoyed with us and sent over more snow from Siberia. For over twelve hours it's been snowing. I'll be damned if I'm going to trash a second motorbike within two weeks. If it hasn't gone by Monday I'll get the tube to work. There, I've said it. The tube!!!!! In normal times I'd rather crawl over broken glass than get the tube but unless I'm willing to do it for fifteen miles to get to there, and another fifteen just to get home, then it's the tube. That comprises three changes and a long walk at the other end. But there might be no other choice. Weather man one says it'll be gone by Sunday night. Weather man two says that snowmageddon has begun and hopes we bought a year's worth of candles.

    Harley, our fearless bengal cat decided to brave the blizzard today - things to kill and all that. Less than five minutes later the double glazed rear door almost shattered as he tried to force his way back in. I offered him another chance tonight but he almost dragged the sofa with him as I tried to prize the gutless worm free.

    I decided to do another edit of the book again today, just to reassure myself that all is well. By the end of page two I'd already picked up two mistakes. Or rather not mistakes but sloppy text I should have seen on edit one. I was just going for punctuation mess-ups this time. It looks like I'll have to do an in-depth job - again beginning tomorrow, hurricanes, white-outs and a living room full of cat droppings permitting.

    No, that's not a net curtain, or problem with my camera; those vertical rods are snow flakes hurtling down like meteorites.


  1. Sounds like both sides of the Atlantic are being pummeled right now.

  2. It's gone now, but I'm not holding my breath. Snow in April isn't unheard of.