Sunday, 11 March 2018

Groundhog day

Didn't I already say that?

    It seems like I've been doing the same thing ad nauseum. I get home, I edit a chapter, I go to bed. Oh, and occasionally I eat.

    I've just finished the seventeenth edit of my novel. I can hardly call it my new novel anymore since I know practically every word on every page verbatim after all the edits - and still I keep finding mistakes! It makes me think I should re-edit all of my previous novels as it seems unlikely that all my blunders have been on just this one.

    Good new, my cheapo Huion painting tablet is going well. I haven't really put in a marathon session yet but on the three occasions I've used it, there have been no problems. A slight lag on the larger brushes, perhaps, but that might just be down to the amount of clutter I have in my Start-up folder. Time for some spring cleaning methinks.

    For the rest of today I'm going out to ride my new motorbike before it gets dark at about three thirty pm. They say Spring is here but I see no sign of it.

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