Friday, 16 March 2018

One point three quadrillion

I read the other day that the world debt is a whopping one point three quadrillion dollars. This effectively puts my debts into perspective so from now I'm going to stop whining about my own measly little worries.

    That figure did seem a little high so I've since read, and worked out on my own, that the real world debt is just a trifling 300 trillion, so no worries there, then.

    To put some of those debts behind me I'm just about ready to release my new novel. The cover is completely revamped and (I hope) suitably vulgar.

    About one week to go and then I'll begin the process of reformatting for Kindle and or CreateSpace. It will be a real pain in the bottom but worth it in the end. After my first squillion or so sales I'm going to buy myself a new helmet for my motorbike. The cracks in my old one are beginning to whistle in the wind.

    I'll have a reveal-ette of the cover the day I put it on-line. 

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