Friday, 6 April 2018

Something new.

Now that spring is here - allegedly, I thought I'd try something new.

    Hence the change in blog format. She who grunts at me from downstairs occasionally, says that it's fine. I think it's a little frantic. Anyone with any view please let me know.

    I saved the original format. I just hope it really was saved, because if I realise that this one's rubbish and I can't get it back it's going to take me months to remember what it looked like.

    Now that I'm taking a break from writing for a few days I thought I'd really get to grips with the new painting program. Here's the result. Clearly it's not finished and I don't know if it ever will be.

    Another thing about my new cheapo painting tablet. It actually makes pressure sensitivity on GIMP work, and that's something I've never been able to achieve before.

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