Saturday, 23 June 2018

A couple of pics and a noble act

A few people - well a lot, actually, have accused me of being verbose in my novels. Can't think why. But maybe it's true. I found this and just can't wait to get this into one of my books. Don't know how exactly but I'd love to try it.
    It's a real word, honest. Click the image to see it in all it's glory.
    It's the name of a virus. And people call me wordy.

    I nearly broke my neck getting this shot yesterday. And the fifty thousand ton truck bearing down on me nearly finished the job.

I wonder where the Moon was going in such a hurry. Does it know something we don't? All I knew was, that I didn't want to spend the end of the world in a traffic jam in Chiswick.
Again, you'll have to click on it to see properly

    And now for the noble act.

    Getting up for work this morning at some unearthly hour I was leaving the bathroom when I saw something guaranteed to give my wife a heart attack.

    Did I scuttle off giggling? Admittedly I was going to until I realised that the poor thing would be mutilated by the nearest heavy object lying to hand.

    We don't get large spiders in this country but what I saw almost took my breath away. Not much body but long, long legs like some exotic arachnid supermodel. I couldn't let it die. So I picked it up and deposited it in the garden beneath the shade of my new petunias.

    And did I get any thanks when I told my beloved? Not a chance. There followed an impressive list of profanities- some of which I don't think I've even heard before. And I've been to New York.

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