Friday, 6 January 2012

Almost time to work again.

I'm getting used to this holiday lark. Yesterday I pulled a sixteen hour stretch on my novel. The day before I did over ten. It would have been more were it not for the gale which apparently blew half of Middlesex away, including a lamppost which luckily missed my car but mortally wounded the neighbour's rubbish bin.

   I've now denuded all unnecessary 'was's', most 'that's' an even a few which's - really just 'what's' in disguise. And now I am finally repairing any grammatical errors that might have slipped through. I haven't changed my mind about self-publishing but if I can just get an agent or publisher to read my MS I think I might stand a good chance.

   I've even had time to explore Triberr a little more. I'm still not sure what half the phrases mean but its fun. I have also picked up a few more followers on Twitter. They all sound so cool but half the time I have no idea what they're talking about.


  1. You did all your 'was'. I'm sending my entire novel to you right now so you can do mine.
    Twitter sure takes a while. I was forever running to their help section. If I did 16 hrs in my novel, I would have hit delete and walked away.

  2. The trouble is, I removed too many. I never do anything by halves. Busu was-ing up my MS again.