Saturday, 7 January 2012

Got another rejection - sort of.

If so many people are self-pubbing books then why am I getting so many emails from agents who are simply too busy even to contemplate taking on new writers?

   I've sent emails to four agents, simply asking for their submission guidelines, and I've received the same answer from all of them. I know that lots of people write books. Some of them even think they're good enough to publish. But with this new(ish) self publishing trend there must be fewer sending their stuff to agents than there were.

  In the naive belief that earlier attempts would be snapped up, I have never sent round-robbins. From now on I'll send my submissions to four agents at a time. I'll beat them into submission.



  1. Good luck. They're still all egotistical and think they rule.

  2. lol! I think agents get hammered regardless. There are still plenty of peeps who query... who are still looking for that book deal. I know am.
    Most agents have submission guidelines on their websites... or try Casey McCormick's blog Literary Rambles... tons of guidelines there.
    Sorry about the rejections. I could wallpaper my office with mine.... well, at least one wall anyway. ;)

  3. We all could, I think. Anyway, pressing on regardless.