Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A new social engine

I was just introduced to Triberr by Donna Yates, whose blog : Believe in yourself,  many of you read and enjoy. At first I wasn't really too sure what it was all about. Not that I'm much the wiser now. However,  always keen to try something new, it's beginning to grow on me. In order to become involved one has to be invited, which was quite an honour in itself. As I grow more accustomed to it I'll post what I discover.

  My single new year's resolution.

  I always begin with the usual old potatoes: Not giggling every time a politician promises something, believing the weather report just as I'm about to ride thirty miles to work on my motorbike. However by Jan 2nd I always give them up for lost; even managing to forget that I'd promised not to tease the cat with a chicken leg or make sloppy kissing noises while my daughter makes an earnest attempt to cry at one of her lovey films.

    However this year I've made a single resolution. I'm not going to self publish my book. I know it's the height of vanity to want/need a publisher, or even an agent to tell me that it's worth publishing, and then proceeding to do just that. I might wait forever.

    And it's not that I don't welcome and relish people telling me that my writng is improving and might even shift a few copies at the usual sites. But ultimately I've finally realised that I just love writing for its own sake. Although it would be rewarding to get it published and buy a Porsche and...but you already know all that.

   And ever since my English teacher told me, after slapping the back of my head with a running shoe, that I could never, ever  begin or end a sentence with prepositions and/or conjunction, I now have the opportunity to do it forever just because I can. Although not in my novel writing unless it is called for. That same oddly psychopathic teacher then proceeded to tell me that all grammatical rules could be broken provided one was making a point.

   Thus I'll continue to write. If I get published - fine. If  not, then I shall write just for the hell of it.

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  1. Nice post. As for writing, well, you are a fine writer and some day you may want to sell those stories of yours.
    Triberr is a rather fun site. People there are certainly interesting.