Sunday, 29 January 2012

Is thoroughness an overkill?

Stupid question, perhaps, but what I wonder is this:

   If I prepare my new short story compilation, or any of my novels for that matter. Then upload them to smashwords, CreateSpace, Kindle direct, and all the other myriad self pub platforms, are people simply going to think that I'm panicking, and in fact my work isn't really that good?

   Conversely, if I send it to just two, ie Createspace and Kindle direct, and concentrate all my self publishing hype to those two platforms isn't there a possibility that my sales might be better?

   I've seen the same self-pub novels in all of the above and more, yet there is little evidence (that I can find) as to whether they're sales are higher because of it or whether a more select  platform had benefited them.

   My instinct is to self pub from one or two places and direct all would-be traffic to them. If anyone has any info regarding this question I'd be pleased to hear it. I've checked all over the net and can find no definitive answers.


  1. Roger, I decided not to use them all. I've been reading tons of ebooks lately, and I can't see a difference in sales from those who put their books out everywhere to those that don't. I agree with you. One or two. I tend to read smashwords books more than the others, because more authors seem to use it.

  2. And me. I got over a hundred downloads of the earlier Hoodies version on smashwords. I think I'll stick to just two.

  3. Roger, your thoughts sound sensible. I'll be using Create-a-Space and Amazon.

  4. Roger,

    Smashwords is the vehicle used to bring your books to other platforms, that, if you didn't use it, you would then have to upload your books idividually to those platforms ie. B&N, Diesal, Sony, Apple, etc.

    Kindle is the vehicle for e-books for Amazon.

    CreateSpace is the vehicle for building a paperback for your book for Amazon.

    In my opinion, Amazon is dominating the e-book world. I have used both Smashwords and Kindle Direct to upload all of my e-books and I have seen a marked difference in sales. Almost 1000 to 1 in favor of Kindle.

    With Kindle you also have the option of entering the Kindle Select Lending option, however, with using that, you cannot put your book up for sale anywhere else (ie. Smashwords).

    I've also found, when uploading e-books, it's easier to stay the e-book route until you have three or four e-books out BEFORE you decide to go for paperback. Build the books first, market them as e-books, THEN offer them in paperback. Word of mouth sells books faster than any other marketing platform out there. Reviews are your best bet.

    This is only my opinion. I hope it helps.