Thursday, 5 April 2012

I found the problem

After my CreateSpace proof book arrived with the sub-molecular font size, I spent an hour, well, fourteen actually, finding the problem.

   I discovered that the same is not always the same. I originally typed the novel in trusty Times New Roman. Then after experimenting with several different fonts, I discovered that Georgia, even at size 12 font, is actually a lot larger then TNR at the same size.

   Then I got the golden message. No issues with your manuscript. The page number has doubled to over 300,  thereby shrinking my profit to about $1 dollar per book but it's the first and if I can get people interested then I'll charge more for the next.

I've had about 70 downloads of the free Kindle version. Encouraging. It's here if you want to get a copy for yourself.

  In the US:

   and here in the UK:


  1. Woo-hoo! 70 downloads! Way-to-go! So I guess you'll be throwing a party at your home with special readings from your book by, say, Alan Rickman?

  2. That's free downloads, but publicity is always good.
    Anyway, I prefer Anthony Hopkins. He likes family for lunch.

  3. Make that 71 ;)

    I once read that an author printed their pages out and looked at them before submitting them to CS to check for font sizes and such, but I have never tried it. My books are a series so I did one and then just use it as a template for all of them, LOL!

  4. I've now got the actual Word template. It's in old Word but I'm keeping it for the future when I put up my Old Geezers book. The only thing I've wasted, apart from time is the price of one copy. They could have made that clearer, but I found it eventually.

  5. So many trials and errors to get things right! I am right there with you. At least it is only the cost of one copy. :)


  6. Yes, I'm hopeful to get a few sales. Thank goodness for Print on Demand.