Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Proof arrived from CreateSpace

Great - not!!

The book was almost as big as a football field, and the 303 pages promised turned out to be 184 pages with a microscopic font I couldn't even read with my wife's glasses. It looked like an ant had been dipped in ink and set free. So back to the drawing board. I wonder what month it will arrive this time.

   But don't forget, the Kindle version of Three Hoodies is free from midnight tonight for two days.

  You can find it here, in the US:

   and here in the UK:


  1. Oh my, I would have been so disappointed with such small font. And you've waited so long.

  2. Experimenting with new fonts. American book sizes tend to differ from ours. I'm trying to find one that will suit both markets.