Monday, 20 August 2012

CreateSpace is sending me round the bend

After repairing the damage to Three Hoodies 1, the wonderful Barbara Fisher of Marchhouse books sent me her very own actual paperback of Kongamato with all the errors circled. Yes more errors which I should have caught.

   I spent a few days working through them. Nothing really serious but stuff a really careful edit would have picked up. I finished last night after being stranded in a car park for eight hours - don't ask.

  Today I uploaded the Kindle version which took about eight seconds and they'd processed it within two hours. Piece of cake.

   When I tried to do the same thing with CreateSpace it wouldn't allow me, quoting all sorts of formatting errors. So I download one of their formatted files and did it again. It still denied it quoting mistakes that were un-fixable. I then cleared the last formatted file they'd accepted for the first copy, then cut and pasted the new version onto it. Then I sent it back, only to receive more errors that I can't fix.

   Perhaps, being Sunday it was tired. I'll try again tomorrow. If I follow all their rules then I don't understand why it won't accept it since it's in the exact format they want.

   Perhaps its time to find another source of paperbacks. smashwords used to have a deal with a company but it seems to have disappeared now. I'll check again later.

But anyway, thank you Barbara, and as always Donna Yates. together they both have the patience of saints.  


  1. Welcome. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Ah, how I love technology and the time it 'saves' us. Nothing like fighting the losing battle with software programmed not to budge.