Monday, 20 August 2012

I'm not a Luddite, but

By nature I'm not someone who clings to the past. Why only last week I bought a loaf that was pre-sliced. And sitting somewhere in the kitchen cupboard (closet) I actually have a bottle of squeezy ketchup. So you can see there's nothing new or high-tech that I haven't seen. I like to keep up with the times.

   But now, I have to say it, and as it's my own opinion, they can do what they like. Microsoft word 2007 really bites the big one. It is absolute c**p

   I've tried about twenty times to upload Kongomato to CreateSpace. Each times it tells me that the gutter is in the wrong place. I've fixed it just as many times and been reassured by Ms word that it's correct. But it still won't work. 

   I tried going back to word 2002 which I cleverly did not delete when I foolishly wasted my hard-earned on the new one.

  It won't work!! 

   It isn't as if this is the first time I uploaded a novel to them. I've already done it three times with virtually no effort and with all the settings the same.

   I'd do just as well to get onto my cycle and pedal over to whatever part of the US is the home of CreateSpace with a floppy disc of the file in my sweaty pocket. It certainly wouldn't require as much effort.

   So instead I'm going over to those lovely people at  It's slim, elegant and (although this is not the prime factor) free.

   I'm getting mad. The cat better stay out of my way, and if that mutated Mastiff next door doesn't stop barking I'm going to insert something very painful into a part of its anatomy that it won't like.

   Maybe the cat. Although I couldn't be that cruel to a dumb animal. Even that canine behemoth wouldn't be stupid enough to mess with Kitler. That's what we call the cat because she has a line of black fur over her top lip. And a nasty left hook.

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  1. You'll only make your cat angry.

    Google claims microsoft adds all these unseen characters to word 2007, which is why many programs have trouble with it.

    Ange taught me, once I type it to put it on word note pad, and then transfer it - and it works! Go figure.