Friday, 11 April 2014

It was a nice day until...

I finished (yet) another edit of Spawn Of Kongomato. The sun was shining – sort of. It was Friday and the end of work was almost at hand and the weekend loomed, so all was well with the world. Notice the was?
     Every day I go to work on my motorbike, or as it is now my scooter. It’s only twenty miles and takes about forty minutes. Forty five if the traffic’s bad. I’ve always kept on top of the maintenance of my bike, but I’m finding it a little tough on the scooter since I have to unlock about five tons of plastic before I can actually get to the tiny little engine beneath. It’s a little like a big luxurious and lustrous cat with thick wavy fur. Dip it in the bath (not that I ever would – honest) and it’s suddenly the size of a tiny rat. And that’s what my scooter is like if I could actually remove the fairings. Except that I can’t because all my tools are Imperial and the scooter is metric.
     I kind of forgot.
     So when it broke down today I was forced to remember what twenty miles really was especially as my (paid for) breakdown service wouldn’t answer the ********* phone and the only other one I could find wanted, no demanded $100.
     Sod them, I thought.
     Twenty miles up the road became twenty four by the time I’d finally pushed the thing home. If I’d found an empty bottle and garage on the way I probably would have firebombed it. So it’s a good job I have finished the latest edit. I couldn’t type tonight if my very soul depended on it. Got my offspring to do this for me, after she’d stopped laughing.

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  1. Wow, sorry to hear this. I hope by now your scooter's fixed.