Monday, 21 April 2014

Late, or early as usual

After editing myself to death for days I painted for a bit. Perhaps the scene suits my mood, since now, on the last day of Easter holiday when it doesn't matter any more, it's actually nice outside.

   I know it's an old one but I've tarted it up a little.

   With reluctance I've just bitten the bullet and paid, yes parted with money, for a new painting package. I won't tell you which one (unless it turns out to be really good) in case the whole world begins giggling: "You didn't actually pay for..."

   The original cost was over a hundred pounds but now, for a limited time or so the blurb goeth, it's only £9.99

   It won't improve my minuscule talent but perhaps will allow me to paint the cover for Old Geezers 2 with a new perspective. I have to do something soon as the book is almost ready to upload.

   If it turns out to be the greatest thing since GIMP  (I can't bear Photoshop, perhaps because the intelligence to learn it, on my part at least, is sadly lacking), then I'll let you know before the offer runs out.

   Cancel that - it just started raining.

1 comment:

  1. Nice painting. Some day there'll be a paint software that is really worth the money.