Friday, 27 June 2014

Me! At my age.

Finally, I didn’t think the day would come, but I’ve finally finished spawn Of Kongomato. It’s finished. I just wanted to say that again to remind myself.
    I’ll upload it tomorrow and take a whole week off before beginning the edits of either The Book of Pain, or Old Geezers 2.
    Or maybe I won’t. It could only happen to me. Only I, at my advance age could contract something as stupid as Scarlet fever. Me!
    I’ve had it for a week but just thought I had some kind of bug; there are always about fifty floating around London. It was only when I got up this morning and saw the awful image of myself in the mirror (it’s always awful, but today even more horrifying) that I saw the spots – several million of them.
While trying not to laugh the doctor prodded me from afar and told me her prognosis. Scarlet fever! I mean, really!
    Still, I refuse to be downhearted. I’ve finally finished.
    Just be sure to wipe your keyboards when you read this. Can’t be too careful.

Here's the cover -  unless I change my mind again.
Might be giving too much away but trashing the palace is only a tiny element of the book.

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  1. Nice cover. At least no spots on it. So sorry you're so sick.