Friday, 20 June 2014

My first royalty cheque!!!

A red letter day.
    It was actually white but you get my drift.
    I’ve received royalty payments from Amazon before, and Smashwords and a few other places, but today CreateSpace, which, of course is owned by Amazon, sent me an actual cheque and have graciously waved any fee since it was their mistake.
    The only reason I went to all the trouble of converting my novels into paperback was because in England, if I want to see my MS as a paperback I have to spend a king’s ransom and buy at least one hundred. With C/S all I have to do is upload the copy and buy one for whatever price I set it. I didn’t actually expect to sell any.
    However I have – 3 and they’ve sent me a cheque. Behold:

   That's about $4 I think. In the big boys league now.

    I’m not going to put this in the bank, I’m going to frame it and stick it on the wall.


  1. Woo hoo! Free porsche rides for all of us!

  2. No, I think you'll find that it's me me me me me me

  3. I was sure Amazon only had paying-in books that cheque will be worth a fortune in a few years!

  4. By the time that thing becomes valuable, I'll have been feeding the beetles for fifty years.
    Almost finished the last, final, really final edit of Spawn. Can't wait to upload it as I have four other completed novels to edit, and that's without the four others I've already begun. I really do like to make my life hard.