Sunday, 17 January 2016

Couldn't let it go.

I tried. I really tried - for almost five minutes, before my resolve crumbled - and at my age that's not all that's crumbling

    It was just too easy:  believe I'd eradicated all the mistakes get the books out and. And then I was reading one of my most fave authors the other day and found eight errors within the first three chapters, and these books are on their fourth re-print. 

    That did it for me, and now, half way through Old Geezers 3 for the umpteenth time I've already found four of my own. 

    I've never read an entire novel in my life without at least six grammatical or punctuation errors, and I doubt I will, but as these are my last novels, well perhaps forever, I've got to get them right.

    I really want to get this done because a very large computer shop in these parts is flogging a brand new Windows 10 machine at a derisively low price and I want to get it before the inevitable price rise. Well get it now, I hear you say.

    I know that if it's that cheap then it's presumably rubbish, but that doesn't matter because the second I get it home I'll be taking it apart and improving it, as I always do when I can't be bothered to build my own.

    And if I did start playing then the novels wouldn't come out this side of the next millennium.

    As always, thanks
    for the free image. Perhaps when I get my new machine and learn how to paint I won't have to keep boosting their stuff. 


  1. Well, probably not. I really must learn how to paint but I doubt I could stop doing something I've loved for over twenty years.

  2. Once you open the doors and let those stories out, they all want out so you know there's more banging at the doors.