Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sales and stuff.

My daughter went to, is in New York and enjoying herself. But if not for the timely intervention by the manager of her small hotel near Times Square she and her friend would be infinitely poorer. Upon hearing the taxi driver attempting to gouge them for more than $180 for the trip from JFK he went outside, threatened the man with the police and settled for $60. He's on my Christmas card list. London cabbies are just the same charging innocent tourists £150 for the trip into town from Heathrow.

    As to sales. I received several hundred hits on Amazon KENP. I've looked on the forum and nobody seems to have heard of anybody actually receiving money for this; and if that's the case then why is it there I wonder. I did get five sales. If that's a direct result then it's fine. The only problem is I can't discover if one is related to the other.

    The last thing beloved daughter said before leaving for her holiday:

    "Oh Daddy, darling," I knew it was going to be something bad because that blithe tone only enters her voice when she's destroyed something irreplaceable or upset someone even I, an ex martial arts instructor wouldn't mess with. "one of the tyres on my car is a little low. Could you just pop to the garage and top it up?" Then she was gone.

    I'll give her blithe spirit. £110 for a new tyre. I'd like to get hold of the person who invented impossibly uncomfortable and hugely expensive run-flat tyres and... well spoil his day with a hammer.


  1. Good news re the sales Roger, well done you! Not so good news re the tyre but I'm sure your daughter is worth it :-)

  2. I'm sure she is. Already begun Kongomato 4. I've thought of something really gross. Can't wait

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  4. Taxi cab drivers. Always so much fun to deal with. Congrats on the sales. Sometimes I get paid but when I go to my reports, it says no sales. Haven't figured this out yet. And what the heck is 'on demand' and why do I get paid for it? Amazon - go figure.