Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The last person in the world - as usual

I finally discovered Pixlr , a free on-line photo and millions of other things editor. That's what I used to change my book covers from boring 2d to slightly less boring 3d. Everyone else on the planet probably knows about it already. It's great and free. A word of warning, though. They do a desktop version but if you have windows 10 like lucky old me, (spit) it will download but won't work. So if you fancy a go, just use the on-line thingy. 

    Here's a painting I've been working on. It definitely shows some promise. The only thing is, I can't work out what to do with it next. Learning how to pain the sea has been the hardest job so far.

    Kongomato 4 is working out well. I've already got three chapters down. Unfortunately it's stored in what passes for my brain. I'll have to put it to paper before age and senility get the better of me.

    And for all of you over here who were asking for rain - thanks very much. It hasn't stopped p****** down here for two days. I've already gone through three suits, and it's only Wednesday. I'll be going to work tomorrow in a plastic mac.


  1. Thanks. I try to liven up the site occasionally. I must dig deeper and see what pixlr can really do.

  2. You’re not the last person Roger – that would be me.
    Guess what…it’s raining again and more forecast for tomorrow, oh joy!!