Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This is the cover of my new book.

I know my grammar sucketh. What I really meant was that this is the new cover of my new book.
  Since I spent an hour completely destroying the HTML code of my old blog, it's been resigned to the deep. The words "save a copy before you start messing abut with it" completely went over my head.
Anyway, I bought Photoshop, which didn't work for me as it seems to require an IQ in double digits which apparently I don't have. So I used GIMP, which apart from being quite easy, is also free. If I ever get published they'll just laugh at my artwork and do their own. That's okay, though. My wife didn't laugh when she saw this one which is a quantum leap from her hysterical laughter at all the others, including the other two on my website.

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